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Our inadvertent hiatus. . .

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Regrettably, 2018 started with a big bang for two of our members. Shannon Lee & Colin Rankin were involved in a head-on car collision while vacationing in Australia. After a 2-week hospitalization, they were flown back to Canada to begin the long recuperative phase. We are happy to report that they can both still sing and play and are well on the road to full recovery.

One "silver lining" to this cloud is that Shannon has written a beautiful, heart-wrenching song about the event called BROKEN. You can hear a very rough cut of it on YOUTUBE below.

You can also read the poignant account of the accident on Shannon's blog

Happily, Colin & Shannon have resumed their hosting duties at Mic'd Up Murrayville (a weekly open mic and jam session at Porter's Bistro) and will be performing with INGLEWOOD again on June 9th.

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